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A hobby of mine is creating character sheets for tabletop RPGs, often old games no one really plays anymore.

Here's a collection of eleven of them. Most of them are for old games. Games that are unjustly (or, more often, justly) forgotten. Some are out-of-print, only available on PDF. A few haven't been legally released in any digital format.

These are all fillable PDFs, mostly in US letter sizes.

Here's a short description of all of the games:

Boot Hill (1st Edition)

This was an old west game published by TSR (creators of D&D) in 1975, and was a little closer to a miniatures war game than a RPG, but did have some basic advancement and campaigning rules.

There were 2nd and 3rd edition version of this game, but this is only for the original 1975 version.

I've made letter and half-page sized versions, in both black and old-west brown.

Cyborg Commando

Cyborg Commando was a RPG published in 1987 by the now-defunct game company New Infinities Productions.

The setting background was that in 2035, the Earth was invaded by a alien race called the Xenoborgs (described as looking like giant dust-mites). Earth’s only hope are the Cyborg Commandos – technologically enhanced humans, bristling with weapons and gadgets.

It was created by the legendary game designers Gary Gygax, Frank Mentzer, and Kim Mohan.

The game was a critical and commercial disaster, and the company folded two years later.

Knights and Berserkers and Legerdemain

K.A.B.A.L., or Knights and Berserkers and Legerdemain was a fantasy RPG by Ernest T. Hams, that was published in 1980, with a second edition in 1982.

It wasn’t terribly successful, and is no longer in print. No legal PDF versions of this game were ever released. The few reviews that existed were quite poor. It's mostly remembered for the many complex calculations required to create characters (square roots were involved)

These were designed to match the script font used in the original book.

Lords of Creation

In 1983 Avalon Hill put out Lords of Creation, a short-lived RPG of inter-dimensional adventure. It was a multi-genre system, where players would travel between worlds of fantasy, sci-fi, and all sorts of other weirdness.

The Mechanoid Invasion

This game has always been a favorite of mine. The first RPG Palladium Books ever put out was the The Mechanoid Invasion. The original book came out in 1981, and had two expansion books published (Journey, and Homeworld).

The game was a story of a race of technologically advanced cyborgs called the Mechanoids, who are in the process of invading and dismantling a distant human-settled world called Gideon E. The players were intended to be soldiers, desperately defending the planet against the hordes of humanoid-hating Mechanoids.

Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes

A game of modern action and adventure from Flying Buffalo games, originally published in 1983.It's loosely based on the rules from their more successful fantasy game - Tunnels & Trolls.

This game has recently been reprinted, so new copies are available.

I've included a version with an extra sheet for provisions.

Nexus: the Infinite City

Nexus: The Infinite City was a 1994 RPG from Daedalus Games about a trans-dimensional city called Nexus that consisted of chunks of various realities. Each neighborhood in the city had its own physical laws – some were high-tech, some were magical. There were also portals to infinite numbers of other alternate realities and dimensions.

This game is completely out-of-print, and no legal PDF is available.

Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom was a 1986 Red Dawn-inspired RPG from West End Games in which the players are guerillas in a Soviet-occupied 1980’s America.

I've made color and Black & White versions of this one.

Psi World

In 1984, Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU) put out Psi World, a role playing game set in a near future Earth where a psionic minority is oppressed by the non-psionic majority and governments. It seemed to have been strongly influenced by the David Cronenberg movie Scanners.

Only a few supplements were published, and then the game was pretty much abandoned by 1986.

Star Trek: Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier

In 1978, the now defunct company Heritage Models released a line of Star Trek miniatures. To go along with them, they also released Star Trek: Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier – the first licensed RPG for Star Trek. This was a year before the first movie, and a decade before TNG, so it was based entirely on TOS and the animated series.

No legal PDF is available.

Valley of the Pharaohs

The Valley of the Pharaohs was a 1983 RPG boxed set from Palladium Books. It was a historical game, set in ancient Egypt.

There was a character sheet is the original boxed set, but was legal-sized and ugly, so I made this one.


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